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We introduce: WILSON.Share! Cross-company locomotive driver deployment

WILSON.Share enables a professional, transparent and cross-company deployment of train drivers. This increases both the satisfaction of the train drivers and the efficiency of rail transport.
Katrin Höhne

Cross-company locomotive driver. How can this work best?

This is precisely the question addressed by the WILSON.Share project launched this year. WILSON.Share is designed to enable digitally supported, cross-company personnel dispatching in compliance with all legal and organizational framework conditions - not only for long-term planning, but also for short-term dispatching in the event of changes that constantly occur in daily operations. In addition to the necessary conditions, the preferences of the locomotive drivers are also taken into account in order to organize shifts in the most employee-friendly way possible.

For the implementation Allianz pro Schiene, Menlo79 GmbH, ENGINEC, SCI Verkehr GmbH and Trainbutlers GmbH & Co. KG have joined forces. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport.

Our short explanatory film gets to the heart of the WILSON.Share approach:

Why WILSON.Share is so important? Did you know that...

Locomotive drivers in rail freight transport often only spend a small part of their working time actually driving freight trains - in most companies just between 35 and 55 percent. The rest of the time is taken up by guest trips as passengers on passenger trains or in cabs, transition times and waiting times. This type of work is often unsatisfactory for train drivers because most of them actually prefer to drive trains themselves instead of waiting and, depending on the company, are not fully remunerated for their time as passengers. In addition, this lowers the profitability for the companies and makes rail freight transport more expensive in relation to road freight transport. In the worst case, even freight trains come to a standstill and cannot continue due to a lack of personnel, or the companies are unable to accept additional transport orders in the first place. It is also virtually impossible to recruit new train drivers, as there is already a shortage of skilled workers in this area. This is one reason why a modal shift to rail is not possible to the desired extent.

And it is precisely this problem that WILSON.Share addresses! Driving instead of waiting through cross-company personnel deployment and the strengthening of rail are in the foreground!

Listening and looking - current survey results among train drivers and dispatchers

To ensure that the project offers real added value for everyone involved, we recently surveyed those who are most affected by it: train drivers and dispatchers. We conducted an online survey to find out what they think of WILSON.Share. Below is a summary of the most important results, and as you can see: the mood supports the idea of the project!

What's next?

In 2023, the pilot operation of the system will initially take place in manageable clusters of companies, which will then be expanded in a second step.

Join us! Get in touch with us!

The goal is clear: In the medium term, the WILSON.Share project is to become a cross-company industry solution that improves rail freight transport for all participants and enables more traffic on the railways. The rail industry is only strong together!

Of course, this requires comrades-in-arms to join us on the journey. Are you a train driver or entrepreneur? Then come on board and become part of the WILSON.Share team! Help shape modern personnel deployment on the railways!

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