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WILSON. in the Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau!

In two articles, the latest issue of Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau highlights current developments in staff scheduling and how our software WILSON. software can become part of a digitalized and efficient staff planning.
Nicolai Petroff

In two articles, Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau looks at the use of WILSON at Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG and asks our CEO Fabian Stöffller what is behind WILSON.SHARE. You can download the articles below!

Digital staff dispatching for efficient rail transport

The expansion and further development of environmentally friendly rail transport plays a decisive role in the traffic and transport turnaround that everyone is calling for. It is clear that the almost 200-year-old railway system is in need of fundamental modernisation. In addition to assets and infrastructures, this also applies to a large extent to the complex planning and scheduling of operational staff. This is exactly where we come in with our solution, WILSON.

As a start-up, we combine digitalisation experts with many years of railway experience and offer a digital solution based on algorithms and artificial intelligence. The WILSON. software combines a web portal with a mobile app and is completely cloud-based. Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG is one of the first users of the software-as-a-service solution. Joachim Berends (Chairman of the Board) and Gert Meenken (Head of Railway Transport), together with our CFO Gerrit Koch to Krax, describe how WILSON is already helping to digitalise personnel deployment and optimise operational processes. You can download the article below!

How WILSON. works.

Realize profitability and employee satisfaction at the same time

We are convinced that there is great potential for optimization in staff scheduling! In this interview with our CEO Fabian Stöffler, you can find out exactly why this is the case and how we can best reconcile profitability and employee satisfaction. We also discuss the interesting question of how open the rail sector already is to the innovative WILSON.SHARE project. We hope you enjoy reading the articles and are always happy to hear from you! You can download the articles below!

Experience intelligent scheduling in action!

Get to know WILSON. in a non-binding video call and learn more about how you can ideally use the portal and mobile app application in your company.