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New Workforce Management for Rail & Logistics

WILSON helps you manage your staff, optimize your scheduling and dispatching, and engage your employees.

Focus on your staff with the cloud-based staff scheduling solution WILSON.

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Manage your workforce and customers

Save time and increase productivity by integrating performance management, shift scheduling, skills management, and payroll and benefits.

Optimize your disposition

Increase the quality of your operations and the satisfaction of employees and customers by keeping track of the status of services and shifts. Be proactively informed about deviations and problems. Stay in touch with your operational staff in real time.

Involve your operational staff

Give your company a competitive edge in the highly competitive market for skilled workers. Increase employee engagement with our app for communication, shift schedules, time tracking and preferences.

WILSON. at a Glance

WILSON is your digital assistant for intelligent live scheduling of operational staff - based on qualifications, availabilities and employee preferences. Learn more about the functions here!

Manage services and activities easily and intuitively with series and templates.
Our live shift monitoring with ad-hoc communication and smart time recording
Share services and personnel completely digitally with partners and service providers for efficient collaborative use.
Roll out shift and absence schedules and use AI-assisted shift scheduling for detailed planning
Use various intelligent functions to find an immediate solution in the event of a discrepancy.
Manage all employees and their working hours, collective agreements, availabilities and absences
Create invoices for all services rendered with just a few clicks and send them digitally to your partners and customers.
Manage payroll rules and recorded working hours with the integrated digital payroll function
Give your staff a voice by considering individual preferences in scheduling and dispatching.
Always keep an eye on the roles and qualifications of your operational employees

Your way to WILSON - this is how it works

WILSON is quick to set up and offers added value in a short time. We are happy to support you and your employees on the way to modern workforce management.

Create account and try directly

Your account is set up quickly. Try out all the functions of the software free of charge. Of course, you can continue to use the data when you sign a contract. Our Sales and Customer Success Team is always there to support you during the test phase.

Target process development and master data collection

We support you in developing the target process with WILSON in close cooperation with your users. We record and complete the necessary master data and create guidelines for your employees. If required: Implementation and support of a pilot phase.

Live Operation & Transformation

Based on the insights gained in the setup, the live operation can be started seamlessly. We will continue to support you with our transformation team, tailored to your needs.

Personnel scheduling on a new level

With the help of artificial intelligence, WILSON simplifies all areas of planning and scheduling. Through a combination of web portal and mobile app, WILSON offers the best application convenience and flexibility for all users.

Personnel scheduling for any industry

Find out how WILSON can also help your industry to optimize personnel management and handle it completely digitally.

Real intelligence in disposition!

WILSON offers a UX co-designed by users and many intelligent, easy-to-use functions that finally make everyday work in planning and scheduling pleasant again. WILSON is continuously learning and further simplifications are added on a regular basis.

Recruitment &
A highlight of WILSON is the ad-hoc personnel search, which not only identifies suitable personnel with one click, but also directly evaluates productivity based on various criteria for several options with the SmartScore. In this way, suitable and well-suited staffing can be found quickly in the scheduling department, even in stressful situations.
Our unique PrefScore calculates the fit of a shift to the preferences of the staff and presents this transparently. Decisions can finally be made in the interest of the employees to increase satisfaction.
Quick-Check &
Every decision, whether manual or automatic, is checked directly by WILSON: Are all necessary qualifications available? Are the working time rules being adhered to? Dispatchers and planners receive live feedback on their decisions.

Operations Board

What is the operational situation? Everything in view at a glance. Who has called in for work or sick at short notice, which trains are late? The Operations Board answers the most important questions. Your relevant data sources, e.g. GPS data, can be connected perspectively.

Operations Board

Shift Scheduling

Shift planning is easy with WILSON. using classic drag & drop or in a rolling shift plan. Even better: You use the full WILSON. power with the planning AI. The AI plans your whole month and you only do the control. By the way: In WILSON. you can basically create all relevant services - in addition to trains, for example, also inquisitions, maintenance or training. Due to the easy integrability, services can be transferred from other systems if required. WILSON. doesn't give manual interfaces and silos a chance.

Shift Scheduling


Illness, delay or simply full order books? WILSON. will also help you spontaneously in the search for suitable personnel. The driver search including "SmartScore" gives you the best personnel suggestion. And by the way: No matter what you decide: WILSON. always checks whether qualification requirements or working time regulations are violated. We still leave the final decision to people.


Live Shift

Got a problem in one shift? With just a few clicks, you can see how a current shift is running. Planned and actual times and locations are immediately made transparent. All shifts and services, e.g. trains, can be edited live. If there are new shifts, the algorithm helps directly in the search for suitable personnel.

Live Shift


Working time management simple and fast: Working times can always be checked and released thanks to a constant target/actual comparison. The payroll function ensures automated payroll accounting. For the common payroll accounting systems, such as DATEV, WILSON. automatically creates the appropriate import and thus the payslip based on your salary rules. Not only the salary is calculated automatically - also benefits. If you map your customers and working time-based service contracts in WILSON., WILSON. will thank you with automatically generated PDF invoices.



If individual qualifications and availability match, WILSON. takes your staff's personal preferences into account, for example with regard to day or night work, for certain vehicle types or routes. Of course, this also increases employee satisfaction.


Qualification Management

With WILSON, the qualifications of the employees are always available at a glance. From track knowledge to model series or local knowledge. With just a few clicks, performance and the available and matching staff can be brought together.

Qualification Management


With WILSON., companies will be able to deploy and schedule cross-company staff in the future, thus further increasing the efficiency and satisfaction of your employees. Seamless integration into your own disposition is ensured. The current WILSON.Share project provides further information.


Experience intelligent scheduling in action!

Get to know WILSON. in a non-binding video call and learn more about how you can ideally use the portal and mobile app application in your company.