Die intelligente Dispositions-Software

WILSON. ist ein digitaler Assistent zur intelligenten Live-Disposition von Fahrpersonal, basierend auf Qualifikationen, Verfügbarkeiten und Mitarbeitendenpräferenzen.

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Intelligent staff dispatching in rail and logistics.

Focus on your staff with the cloud-based staff scheduling solution WILSON.

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WILSON. at a glance

WILSON. is your digital assistant for the intelligent live scheduling of operational staff - based on qualifications, availability and employee preferences.

Operations Board

What is the operational situation? Everything in view at a glance. Who has called in for work or sick at short notice, which trains are late? The Operations Board answers the most important questions. Your relevant data sources, e.g. GPS data, can be connected perspectively.

Operations Board

Shift Scheduling

Shift planning is easy with WILSON. using classic drag & drop or in a rolling shift plan. Even better: You use the full WILSON. power with the planning AI. The AI plans your whole month and you only do the control. By the way: In WILSON. you can basically create all relevant services - in addition to trains, for example, also inquisitions, maintenance or training. Due to the easy integrability, services can be transferred from other systems if required. WILSON. doesn't give manual interfaces and silos a chance.

Shift Scheduling


Illness, delay or simply full order books? WILSON. will also help you spontaneously in the search for suitable personnel. The driver search including "SmartScore" gives you the best personnel suggestion. And by the way: No matter what you decide: WILSON. always checks whether qualification requirements or working time regulations are violated. We still leave the final decision to people.


Live Shift

Got a problem in one shift? With just a few clicks, you can see how a current shift is running. Planned and actual times and locations are immediately made transparent. All shifts and services, e.g. trains, can be edited live. If there are new shifts, the algorithm helps directly in the search for suitable personnel.

Live Shift


Working time management simple and fast: Working times can always be checked and released thanks to a constant target/actual comparison. The payroll function ensures automated payroll accounting. For the common payroll accounting systems, such as DATEV, WILSON. automatically creates the appropriate import and thus the payslip based on your salary rules. Not only the salary is calculated automatically - also benefits. If you map your customers and working time-based service contracts in WILSON., WILSON. will thank you with automatically generated PDF invoices.



If individual qualifications and availability match, WILSON. takes your staff's personal preferences into account, for example with regard to day or night work, for certain vehicle types or routes. Of course, this also increases employee satisfaction.


Qualification Management

With WILSON, the qualifications of the employees are always available at a glance. From track knowledge to model series or local knowledge. With just a few clicks, performance and the available and matching staff can be brought together.

Qualification Management


With WILSON., companies will be able to deploy and schedule cross-company staff in the future, thus further increasing the efficiency and satisfaction of your employees. Seamless integration into your own disposition is ensured. The current WILSON.Share project provides further information.


Staff scheduling on a new level

With the assistance of artificial intelligence, WILSON. simplifies all areas of planning and scheduling. As a web portal and mobile app, WILSON. offers the best possible ease of use and flexibility.

For dispatchers

Dispatchers are often the most valuable players in mobility and logistics. WILSON. supports you in the best possible way in stressful everyday life.

Intelligent suggestions and convenient support assists you to make the right decision when planning shifts.

All communication is bundled and sorted by priority.

WILSON. helps to comply with all rules and regulations so that you can take employee preferences into account in the best possible way.

For companies

With WILSON., companies focus on operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Can be easily integrated into existing IT architecture or used as a stand-alone solution.

Software-as-a-Service significantly reduces the initial investment and ensures continuous further development.

WILSON. is developed by railway and logistics enthusiasts. We know how software is introduced under the rolling wheel.

For operational staff

Most train drivers and operational staff love their jobs. WILSON. offers them modern IT support to do their best out there.

Comprehensive modern live shift support.

Personal deployment preferences and qualifications always in view.

Crew scheduling in your pocket. Vacation planning and sick leave can also be created on the go.

Personnel secondment, workshop and office staff? If necessary, operative personnel can also dispatch themselves independently.

Who is WILSON?

On December 7th, 1835, William Wilson drove the first German railway as a train driver. The "Adler" locomotive was used on the newly built Ludwigsbahn line from Nuremberg to Fürth.

From then on, the passengers wanted to travel with no one else but the "tall Englishman". If he didn't drive the locomotive himself, the income would drop.

With the naming of our software WILSON. we honor the railway pioneer and stand for sustainable, smart staffing for railway and logistics companies.

WILSON. Maskottchen

What makes WILSON. intelligent?

In the algorithmic driver search, WILSON. calculates the SmartScore. Among other things, he evaluates travel routes and times as well as weekly and monthly working time accounts when the shift is filled by a specific operational colleague.
With the PreferenceScore, the preferences of the staff are compared with the parameters of the shift. Decisions are made in the interests of the employees, which ultimately has a positive impact on satisfaction.
Automatic qualification check
Every decision, whether manual or automatic, is checked directly by WILSON.: Are all required qualifications met? Are you complying with the working time regulations? Dispatchers and planners receive live feedback on their decisions.

Experience intelligent scheduling in action!

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