Personnel scheduling on a new level!

With the help of artificial intelligence, the WILSON. software simplifies all areas of personnel planning and scheduling. As a web portal and mobile app, WILSON. offers the best possible ease of use and flexibility.

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Engine drivers, train attendants, wagon inspectors, shunters, trainers and office staff are already being planned and dispatched with WILSON. today.

Arrange shifts, plan working hours or simplify your billing.

WILSON. supports you in personnel planning and scheduling. Cross-company!

Shift planning and scheduling easy and AI-based!

With WILSON., shift planning is easy using drag & drop or in a rolling shift plan. Even better: You use the full WILSON. power and the artificial intelligence is supporting you.

When it comes to personnel scheduling, WILSON. will help you at any time - even spontaneously - in the search for suitable personnel. Thanks to "SmartScore" you will receive the best personnel suggestion.

By the way: In WILSON. you can basically create and control all relevant services - in addition to train journeys or truck tours, for example, also examinations, maintenance or training.

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The staff is scarce?

Focus on your colleagues in operations when planning shifts or take individual preferences into account with the WILSON. "Preference Score" function.

Do you prefer day or night time? Certain vehicle types or routes? Make the difference for your people and position yourself as a top employer.

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Working time management finally clear and fast?

On the safe side and with exactly the right level of detail.

Through constant target/actual comparison and smart sorting, you can quickly and easily check and approve recorded working times as required. If you find a mistake, you simply give the shift back to your colleague.

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Tired of duty rosters on the bulletin board and shift reports in Excel?

The WILSON. app offers roster, time recording and live communication in one. Modern and flexible!

Sick reports and vacation requests are also processed digitally via the app in the scheduling. The planning is finished? Now the operational staff still needs the individual duty roster with all the details. If your staff is deployed in temporary employment, working times and shift reports can be recorded via the app without pre-planning and processed further in the WILSON. web portal.

Everything is always in your pocket on your smartphone or tablet.

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Additional certificates cost you time and nerves?

With WILSON., you have all your qualifications up to date and ready to ship if you need them. It doesn't matter whether it's track knowledge, knowledge of the series or medical suitability.

With just a few clicks, services and qualified, available personnel can also be brought together.

WILSON. informs everyone involved in good time before the qualifications expire and allows you to plan your qualifications with foresight.

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You need billing?

WILSON. is at your service. The payroll function ensures automated payroll accounting. For common payroll systems, such as DATEV or SAP-HR, WILSON. automatically generates the payslip based on applicable salary rules. Services rendered can be easily recorded and billed in WILSON. Regardless of whether personnel or transport services are provided.

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Engine drivers, train attendants, wagon inspectors, shunters, trainers and office staff are already being planned and dispatched with WILSON. today.