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Take advantage of digitized and transparent skills management for operational employees

Gain a competitive advantage through streamlined tracking and verification. Increase operational efficiency, ensure compliance, and integrate qualification checks into scheduling decisions with the click of a mouse.

Qualification management made easy

Seamlessly add, verify, and track certifications in user profiles. Attach PDF certificates, set validity periods, and stay proactively informed. Never miss a beat with email notifications of expiring qualifications. Digitalize your workforce compliance with our intuitive feature.

Suitable employee qualifications at the push of a button

Use the quick search to find out who in your company has a certain qualification and if it is still valid.

Optimize disposition decisions

One-click qualification checks. Real-time review of shift schedules to ensure valid qualification requirements. Optimize workforce deployment and stay compliant. Increase efficiency with our new feature and experience seamless workforce management.

Experience intelligent scheduling in action!

Get to know WILSON. in a non-binding video call and learn more about how you can ideally use the portal and mobile app application in your company.

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