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Involve employees and increase satisfaction.

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Create a win-win situation for company and workforce by incorporating preferences and desires.

Give your company a competitive edge in the highly competitive market for skilled workers. Our employee engagement features aim to increase employee satisfaction and retention, boost motivation, and prevent turnover. Your employees have the ability to set their preferences for shift schedules so that they can be optimally incorporated into Wilson's intelligent and automated scheduling suggestions.

Individual shift preferences

Our platform allows your employees to specify their preferred shift assignments. Whether they prefer certain days, times or even specific tasks, WILSON takes this information into account when creating scheduling proposals.

Improved employee loyalty

By incorporating employee preferences, your employees feel heard and valued. This fosters a positive bond with the company and strengthens trust in the dispatchers' decisions.

Faster onboarding of new employees

When new employees are integrated into planning and scheduling, they can quickly build rapport by knowing the preferences and deployment preferences of those already in operations. This enables smooth onboarding and promotes teamwork.

Preference score and fast feedback in disposition decisions

Wilson converts employee preferences into a preference score using its algorithm. This score serves as quick feedback for scheduling decisions and gives employees clear feedback on how their preferences are being considered. You have the flexibility to determine whether this preference score is viewable by schedulers and operational staff.

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