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Keep an overview of operations. Increase quality and satisfaction.

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Fed up with manual tracking and disjointed operational communications?

Keep track of the status of deliverables and shifts. Be proactively notified of variances and issues. Stay in touch with your operational staff in real time.

Real-time operation monitoring

WILSON provides real-time visibility into the status of operational users' shifts, performance, and activities. Employees can monitor progress and be alerted to deviations. This allows dispatchers to save time, avoid mistakes and take care of the important things.

Proactively support disposition decisions

Experience the benefits of proactive decision making with our solution. In addition to system-generated alerts and notices, WILSON enables operations personnel to report issues directly, so dispatchers are immediately aware of any disruptions. With real-time updates, you'll always be one step ahead, making dispatch decisions quickly and proactively.

Stay in touch and improve collaboration

Our integrated chat and commenting features enable seamless communication between management and operational staff. Say goodbye to endless email threads and missed messages. Have direct conversations, communicate updates via the app, and address issues directly on the platform.

Stay informed, react immediately

Stay informed when issues arise during operations. Our system sends proactive updates notifying you of delays or last-minute employee absences. That way, you're one step ahead, able to address challenges immediately and keep operations running smoothly.

Experience intelligent scheduling in action!

Get to know WILSON. in a non-binding video call and learn more about how you can ideally use the portal and mobile app application in your company.

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