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Bill wages and benefits with digitally recorded times

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Approve, export, bill digitally recorded time. Say goodbye to administrative hassles and incorrect payroll or benefit statements.

Quickly and easily review and approve digitally recorded work times. Automatically apply approved times to employee- or customer-specific wage types or payroll rules. Quickly and easily integrate with payroll systems or create your payroll using file exports or API.

Flexible accounting rules for wages and benefits

Our software allows you to set detailed payroll rules and activity accounting rules at the activity level. You have full control over the different working time categories and can define specific payroll rules for each activity. We help you ensure that your employees are compensated fairly and correctly and with little effort.

Transfer recorded shift times directly for payroll accounting

Thanks to our software, you can quickly and easily check the shift times recorded by your employees and transfer them directly to payroll accounting. This seamless integration saves you time and prevents errors during manual transfer. You can be sure that payroll is correct and on time.

Customer and contract management

Our software offers you a customer and contract management with which you can store customer profiles and contracts with multiple billing rules on activity level. This means that you can offer different pricing models for different activities and allows high flexibility through customized billing rules per customer.

Invoicing based on services recorded by employees

With our software you can create invoices based on the activities performed and recorded by your employees. You can simply select the activities and the software will automatically generate accurate and detailed invoices. This saves you time and minimizes errors when creating invoices.

Easy export of files and seamless integration with payroll systems

Our software allows you to easily integrate digitally recorded working hours into existing payroll systems. With just a few clicks, you can export the working times and convert them into the desired file format. We support common formats such as CSV and Excel, and formats for DATEV and SAP HR, so the data can be seamlessly imported into your existing systems. This saves you time-consuming manual transfers and minimizes the risk of errors.

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