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Manage services and keep an eye on staffing levels

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Seamlessly manage, assign, and track services to optimize your job management

With WILSON you always keep track of services that need to be provided to customers. Create recurring series for your schedules or upload them directly via railML file. Efficiently assign services to your shifts and staff them with the right team members. Get a comprehensive overview of the status of operations to increase productivity and quality.

Operating insights in real time

Keep track of your service operations at all times. Get real-time status updates so you can monitor and track performance progress and quickly address issues as they arise. Make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Optimal resource allocation

Assigning the right people to each deliverable is critical to success. WILSON considers skills, availability and preferences to ensure optimal resource allocation. Maximize productivity and minimize gaps through intelligent staffing decisions.

Efficient creation and repetition of performance series

Say goodbye to repetitive manual scheduling tasks. Create performance series that can be flexibly rolled out over any period of time.


Optimize your service uploads effortlessly with the RailML integration. Simply upload your RailML files and WILSON will create the services and trip segments according to the stored service periods.
Reduce data entry errors and save time.

Experience intelligent scheduling in action!

Get to know WILSON. in a non-binding video call and learn more about how you can ideally use the portal and mobile app application in your company.

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