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Deploy personnel efficiently. Across companies.

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WILSON Share enables digitalized, transparent and cross-company personnel deployment!

WILSON Share aims to increase efficiency and transparency of personnel in the rail sector. Companies can achieve seamless collaboration and optimal resource utilization. No matter if railroad company, personnel service provider or employee leasing company - WILSON Share supports the optimization of personnel deployment and cooperation with partners.

Simplify collaboration across company boundaries

Not only can you deploy your staff internally, but you can also share them with other companies. This means that you can access an extended network of train drivers, which gives you more flexibility and better utilization of your resources. With WILSON Share you can avoid bottlenecks and plan engagements more efficiently, as you always have access to a pool of qualified train drivers.

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Share open services with partners and find suitable staff

With WILSON Share we offer companies the unique functionality to share unoccupied services, such as train rides, with selected partners and make requests. Your partners will be notified about this immediately via email and in the application. They then have the opportunity to review the requests and decide whether they can take over the service - depending on availability and capacity. If both parties confirm, the partner gets access to the service and can seamlessly integrate it into their shift planning, execution and billing.

Improved collaboration through digitized partner management

We offer you a user-friendly platform that enables easy communication and coordination with your partners and relevant personnel. You can easily synchronize orders and availabilities, exchange messages and manage all relevant information in one central system. This saves you time and minimizes misunderstandings.

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Experience intelligent scheduling in action!

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