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Solutions for Personnel Service Provider

Automate your processes with our integrated workforce management platform.

Personnel service providers save crucial minutes with the WILSON.Share functions.

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Many personnel service provider struggle with time-consuming and non-scalable processes.

  • Inquiries and orders are usually processed with a high manual expenditure of time by email and telephone and are prone to errors.
  • Short-term deviations lead to misunderstandings and inefficient staff deployment due to poor communication, and reduce job attractiveness.
  • Obtaining supplemental certifications is time-consuming, and recording work hours runs through a variety of different systems and often must be broken down manually for payroll.
  • Fully digital order processing as well as intelligent shift and deployment planning with just a few clicks
  • Comprehensive skills management and digital creation of additional certificates.
  • Integrated working time recording and payroll and benefits accounting.

With WILSON, service providers reduce administrative costs and create the basis for sustainable growth.


With WILSON, railroads receive an integrated platform for personnel control and a multitude of functions simplifies the daily work routine.

Manage skills, pay scales and schedules of your operational staff with a few clicks.
Use WILSON's powerful share function for completely digital order processing and service invoicing.
Always keep an eye on the assignments of your operational staff and use WILSON for optimized live communication.
Use live recorded working times directly for a pay scale-compliant automatic payroll.

Experience intelligent scheduling in action!

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Engine drivers, train attendants, wagon inspectors, shunters, trainers and office staff are already being planned and dispatched with WILSON. today.